21 de agosto de 2009

Wii Joins to DasDonkey Team

Orgullosamente les presento al primer reclutado a DasDonkey Team, Wii, tal vez muchos ya han visto algunas de sus texturas, son muy buenas, y por eso mismo se le ha hecho la invitacion que no nego, ahora estara trabajando con nosotros.
Bienvenido! Wii!!

Proudly I present the first DasDonkey Team's recruited , Wii, perhaps many have already seen some of their textures are Very good, and for that reason he has not negotiated the invitation, now will be working with us.
Welcome! Wii!!

9 comentarios:

  1. Glad to see you here wii, this team just keeps getting better :p

  2. Woah, cool. This team really is increasing in levels of awesome.

  3. ¡Habeis traido a wii? cojonudo! sois los mejores!

  4. Good work for being accepted in this team, Wii. ^_^ You certainly deserved it.

    Are you going to quit KCMM, then ? Or staying with us a little more ? :p

    (By the way, you guys should update the links to other Smash Hacking teams. Because of the KCMM merge and all ...)

  5. Enhorabuena, Wii! Espero ver nuevas de tus excelentes texturas!


  6. Hey! Podeis poner un link a nuestro equipo? Nosotros ya hemos puesto uno al vuestro. Aqui esta el blog: http://retosnintendoteam.wordpress.com/