19 de enero de 2010

German Shepherd Lucario

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Si, recuerdo cuando los alemanes lanzaban de estos chiquitines a las trincheras enemigas, como si hubiera sido ayer.
Siempre pense que Lucario era un perro, debe tener algo que ver con que sea un perro, y sucede que la raza de Perro Azul no me gusta tanto como el Pastor Aleman
Quiero señalar que las imagenes no le hacen justicia, en batalla se ve mucho mas agresivo y feroz, en realidad esta textura es la razon por la cual uso a este personaje.


Yeah, I remember when the Germans threw these little boys to the enemy trenches, as if it were yesterday.
I always thought that Lucario was a dog, it must have something to do with him being a dog, and it happens that I dont like the race of Blue Dog as much as I do like the German Shepherd
Note that the pictures do not do justice, in battle is much more aggressive and fierce, in fact, this texture is the reason why use this character.


Just to be clear, we (when I say "we" I mean somebody else) think thatLucario is not a dog, and we really want to be clear about the Model/Texture nationality and ocupation, he is German and he owns a Shepherd company, thats the reason of the name.

4 comentarios:

  1. A. Name?
    B. [Lucario] Es un azul chacal.

  2. Lucario is a Jackal not a German Shepherd.

  3. Thre´s a law in Germany that states that a Jackasl (born in germany) couldnt be a Shepherd?
    This jackal bron in germany and is a Shepherd, what´s the confusion?

  4. sorry about the jkackasl, I wanted to write jackal