3 de junio de 2010

Mario_Kartn64 Joins to DasDonkey Team

Clic on the image to download
Bueno esta vez me siento muy orgulloso de presentarles a un nuevo miembro de el equipo, que supongo muchos ya lo han de conocer (si de hecho se lanzo a la fama muy pronto), es un maestro de el modelado 3D y un gran editor de texturas
sin mas Bienvenido Mario_Kartn64

4 comentarios:

  1. OMFG, he looks perfect! Are you guys gonna do that with Leon, Wesker and HUNK as well? =D
    Or even better, Ada Wong on Zero Suit Samus... >D

  2. Hello!

    Nice Krauser skin, BTW! Is that for Captain Falcon or Snake?

    I would love it if somebody were to do a texture/vertex/model hack of Chris Redfield (my favorite male/overall "Resident Evil" series character). <3 ^_^

    @ harima: Leon and Wesker have already been done here (they're both for Snake). This site also has Battlesuit Jill (for ZSS), too.

    ~ Starry Might

  3. is for snake, and don't worry, crhis will be out soon

  4. ^- Yeah, it does look like he's based on Snake, but the pose made me think "Raptor Boost".

    Oh, and really? Woot! ^_^

    ~ Starry Might