16 de julio de 2010

Solid Wesker v2

BrawlVault Download
Ahh!!! Ahi estas!!!
Albert Wesker sobre sus lentes

Lamento mucho hacerlos esperar por esta textura/modelo, son vacaciones y en esta epoca de el año uno hace desidia o se empeña en hacer loque en periodo ordinario no puede, a mi me toco hacer lo primero, espero lo disfruten ^^

Ahh! There you are!
Albert Wesker over his glasses

I am very sorry for making you wait this texture / model are holidays and at this time of year you do neglect or is committed to the ordinary period foulbrood can not touch me do my first, hope you enjoy it ^^.

Oh and another thing, Follow us on twitter, there will be exclusive updates about upcoming textures and upcoming work, why there, well is the only site that I can write from my cel phone ^^

2 comentarios:

  1. buena calidad como siempre en sus trabajos

  2. Amazing! Like Jack said, Das Donkey textures/hacks are indeed "gourmet", such details are amazing!
    Please please do a model hack of HUNK from RE4... =D